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This the "Shoutbox" -- basically a site-wide, group chat. (It's only visible to members.)
h: @andie left us ☹️ No more Grammar Queen. Oct 22, 2018 12:15:27 GMT -5
misssunnybunny: Happy Birthday ! Oct 22, 2018 16:24:42 GMT -5
misssunnybunny: I'm also very sad to see that andie is gone Oct 22, 2018 16:25:07 GMT -5 *
jim44444: not only did andie delete her existence here she also deleted her tumblr account. Maybe her hubby found her online postings. Oct 22, 2018 19:52:59 GMT -5
misssunnybunny: Oh, no! Hope she is okay... :( Oct 22, 2018 20:00:25 GMT -5
solodriver: I'm sad andie is gone too. She reached out to me when I first joined the group at a time when I was really sick, and talked to me everyday until I was well again and shared a lot of her stories with me. Oct 22, 2018 20:58:28 GMT -5
solodriver: HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear ggold!!!! :) Oct 22, 2018 20:58:53 GMT -5
shynjdude: I can say that at least one of andie's social media accounts is still active. But I'm not in contact with her. Oct 23, 2018 5:12:55 GMT -5
misssunnybunny: Happy Birthday ! Oct 30, 2018 15:57:16 GMT -5
solodriver: Thank you misssunnybunny :D Oct 30, 2018 20:49:59 GMT -5
TheGreatContender -aka Daddeeo: What happened with grammar queen? Oct 31, 2018 17:08:38 GMT -5
isthisit: Apologies for being a techno numpty- can anyone help me to send a PM? When I choose the member as a recipient the error message indicating a staff member is required. Eh? Nov 6, 2018 15:03:40 GMT -5
solodriver: isthisit you cannot send PMs until your membership changes to member Nov 6, 2018 21:41:58 GMT -5
isthisit: Thanks solodriver and shynjdude for your replies. Is there some info somewhere about these divisions? I have had a mooch around and haven't come across it yet. Nov 8, 2018 10:22:28 GMT -5
solodriver: I think it is/was under the Welcome tab, but not sure where. Nov 8, 2018 21:52:19 GMT -5
misssunnybunny: Here is the thread with levels: I can't remember if there was ever a minimum post count to send a PM. Nov 9, 2018 11:24:42 GMT -5
olaf: Hi! I am new to this forum and I am now writing my introduction with my story! Big shoutout to everyone. I am really happy to have found this forum. Nov 9, 2018 16:02:54 GMT -5
olaf: can I ask, is it OK to drop a longer story here on this thread for introductions, or is there another place for that? Nov 9, 2018 17:31:45 GMT -5
solodriver: olaf it would be good for you to post under Sexless Marriage Issues for a wider audience and response. Nov 9, 2018 22:01:50 GMT -5
rich: I just found this site and just now registered. What do they say, "misery loves company"? Nov 15, 2018 4:04:15 GMT -5