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kittydupree: Hey Mirrororchid, is 11/11 really your birthday- mine too!!! Thanks for the info, I guess I was expecting something more structured and organized. No worries, I’ll find my place here. Nov 6, 2020 5:52:44 GMT -5
mirrororchid: *REFUSED*, ILIASM's unofficial podcast - Episode 5 is out! iliasm.org/post/132489 Nov 6, 2020 7:18:42 GMT -5 *
worksforme2: Happy Birthday tiredoftears.......... Nov 8, 2020 21:11:50 GMT -5
mrg: Hi kittydupree, I think my marriage is “good” but we’ve not had sex for over 4 years which really sucks. I will not leave her but I hate that we have absolutely no intimacy at all. I miss it a lot and some days are very difficult. Nov 9, 2020 0:28:55 GMT -5
tooyoungtobeold: kittydupree: What you'll find here are people that are often at the end of their rope. There are some, like me, that fall into the, "My marriage is good except for the lack of sex" when I first arrived here. This forum has made me modify that outlook. Nov 18, 2020 13:03:34 GMT -5
wewbwb: yeah, we don't do "structured and organized " here. We are more "run and save yourself"! Nov 20, 2020 11:37:20 GMT -5
snowman12345: everyone here has a marriage that is great except for the no sex thing, so there's that... Nov 21, 2020 23:33:07 GMT -5
worksforme2: Happy Birthday baza... Nov 22, 2020 11:41:03 GMT -5
jerri: Yay! Happy birthday, Baza 💜 Nov 22, 2020 14:16:18 GMT -5
petrushka: many happy returns Bazz ;-) Nov 22, 2020 23:05:33 GMT -5
rejectedbeauty: I am over it Nov 26, 2020 0:23:00 GMT -5
rejectedbeauty: I think i've finally had enough, I cant and wont live a sexless life. No more I'm done Nov 26, 2020 0:23:54 GMT -5
worksforme2: rejectedbeauty...I read your posts from back in Sept. 2019. Sounds like you endured another year of rejection and contempt from your H. Good luck going forward and we are here when you need us.... Nov 26, 2020 8:16:57 GMT -5
mirrororchid: Happy Turkey Day Year, everyone. Nov 26, 2020 11:14:39 GMT -5
jerri: Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Nov 27, 2020 8:32:10 GMT -5
petrushka: - you reckon I should go around thanking all the employees at my supermarket? But they are really terrible at their jobs (except the checkout ladies). Nov 27, 2020 22:14:27 GMT -5
petrushka: TBH: I do remember harvest festivals from my childhood years. But different cultural heritage. ;) Nov 27, 2020 22:16:48 GMT -5
jerri: Yes, thank them then ask one on a date! 💙 Nov 29, 2020 7:02:41 GMT -5
fred: almost 6 decades of acquaintance, over 50 married - she couldn't be colder or kinder.............FUCK ! i'll be the asshole if i leave and likely suicidal due to the true love i have for her. it's just that the coldness and lack of a sexual partner that Dec 1, 2020 15:50:02 GMT -5
jerri: :o that's sad😥 Dec 2, 2020 3:40:21 GMT -5