Refusing... It's A Slippery Slope


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lanie: Hello, new here. Sept 13, 2021 4:47:32 GMT -5
worksforme2: Happy Birthday obobfla where ever you are..... Sept 14, 2021 12:30:49 GMT -5
mirrororchid: Hi Lanie, ILIASM ate my welcome from a few days back. Glad you found us. Sept 15, 2021 18:57:29 GMT -5
worksforme2: My apologies to you baz and your fellow Australians for sleepy Joe forgetting PM Morrisons name...he forgets names on a pretty regular basis. Ask Scott not to take it personal... Sept 16, 2021 11:42:16 GMT -5
baza: Scott is eminently forgettable so don't worry. Jimmy Carter did the same thing in the 70's with our PM of the time, Fraser. Sept 17, 2021 18:29:58 GMT -5
worksforme2: One more thing baz...for the immediate future be careful around anyone with a French accent....the frogs are a little miffed at the moment Sept 18, 2021 15:16:14 GMT -5
worksforme2: Hey is your relationship with that nephew these days? Sept 19, 2021 11:32:27 GMT -5
mirrororchid: The unofficial podcast of, *REFUSED*, is on the air on Google Podcasts. Sept 23, 2021 6:19:01 GMT -5 *
worksforme2: I made an appointment to get my booster shot for Covid19. I had to answer all kinds of security questions. Never thought that an imposter might show up and try to get my shot. Oct 5, 2021 10:01:50 GMT -5
worksforme2: UPDATE: Booster shot try failed...The booster was a Pfizer. My 1st shots were Moderna, so they would not give me the Pfizer booster. Looks like I'll be waiting for a while. Oct 8, 2021 5:28:32 GMT -5
worksforme2: WOW h, gave my post in Because we all need a laugh the like response 24 times....that must be a record Oct 12, 2021 19:53:20 GMT -5
jerri: member Probably has some sort of trojan horse on his phone/computer and it is acting up. I know when mine needs to at least be restarted because I will send the same text multiple times when I only sent one. Oct 13, 2021 2:02:48 GMT -5
worksforme2: Trojan horse you say...I thought the Greeks chopped that thing up for firewood after they conquered Troy....looks like maybe someone repurposed it.... Oct 13, 2021 8:17:19 GMT -5
worksforme2: Happy Birthday greatcoastal...... Oct 14, 2021 3:51:08 GMT -5
greatcoastal: Thanks worksforme2! I've got the day off, and will be with my woman this evening! Oct 14, 2021 6:12:35 GMT -5
tamara68: Happy birthday ! Oct 14, 2021 14:56:44 GMT -5
mirrororchid: Have fun unwrapping your gift, GC. Oct 14, 2021 19:54:55 GMT -5
greatcoastal: Definitely the gift I wanted! Oct 16, 2021 20:59:56 GMT -5
jerri: woohoo! Happy Birthday, !! Oct 17, 2021 23:57:29 GMT -5
worksforme2: Happy Birthday ggold, and welcome back .... Oct 22, 2021 4:20:16 GMT -5