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Handy: I just read "The Babylon Bee" article "Blockage Cleared, Ships Moving At Record Speed As Chick-Fil-A Workers Put In Charge Of Suez Canal." Good humor. Mar 30, 2021 16:49:51 GMT -5
Handy: Petrushka, did you have any part in the movie "Black Sheep" Mar 30, 2021 17:06:35 GMT -5
petrushka: - nope, never even heard of this. One of my favourite NZ films (there's a surprising number) is "Meet the Feebles" by [early] Peter Jackson. Mar 31, 2021 2:34:07 GMT -5
petrushka: seriously good is "The Piano" by Jane Campion I think. A drama set in early NZ, before white people were firmly established. Mar 31, 2021 2:35:23 GMT -5
worksforme2: Happy Birthday rosie, Tamara68 and workingonit Apr 1, 2021 16:28:26 GMT -5
worksforme2: Freezing temps in the morning for the next 3 days= no peaches in the fall for me unless I buy them,... 2 yrs in a row...growing my own fruit has proven to be a losing proposition Apr 1, 2021 16:32:30 GMT -5
Handy: Meet the Feebles=weird! Apr 1, 2021 18:22:06 GMT -5
Deleted: Thank you, ! Apr 3, 2021 10:55:51 GMT -5
jerri: Lots of interesting comments. I am way behind. Sending hugs and a kiss on the cheek💋 Apr 8, 2021 0:11:19 GMT -5
roy: Hi All, I just joined, at 77. I've been in a sexless marriage for too many years ... Apr 9, 2021 15:26:32 GMT -5
petrushka: G'day Roy, welcome to the place most of us don't want to be. I am sure you will find lots of interesting personal stories and comments and reactions on the forum. Don't be shy about jumping in to talks ... Apr 9, 2021 15:47:25 GMT -5
mirrororchid: Agreed. Welcome Roy. Sorry you're here. For everyone else, the latest episode of *REFUSED*: "Addressing the Sexless Marriage - Part V" Apr 9, 2021 17:59:59 GMT -5
worksforme2: Happy Birthday snowman12345.... Apr 11, 2021 6:41:17 GMT -5
Deleted: I wondered for a month how people know who have birthdays on any given day. Just found it! 😃 Apr 17, 2021 19:07:14 GMT -5
worksforme2: Seek and yea shall find, knock and it shall be open to you. Apr 18, 2021 6:35:40 GMT -5
jerri: Pull down your undies and you shall find cobwebs! Seek and you shall find cobweb removal! Apr 28, 2021 4:49:43 GMT -5
petrushka: Happy birthday Apr 29, 2021 15:11:05 GMT -5
worksforme2: Happy BD sweetplumeria.... Apr 29, 2021 15:28:56 GMT -5
mirrororchid: Season 1 of *REFUSED* the ILIASM unofficial podcast comes to a close with the end of CSL's "Addressing the Sexless Marriage" essay series: May 4, 2021 18:40:14 GMT -5 *
jerri: Was my last night with FWB😶 we will see how l handle sexless in a month! I will be internally cranky! Hahaha Jun 18, 2021 4:11:18 GMT -5